👋 Hi!

My name is Alexander (Lex) Trukhin. 

I’m a Product Designer, UX scientist, Information Architect.

Also considering myself an engineer and functional minimalist.

🎯 I help tech startups get traction and grow by building effective products that people love and pay for, fast.

🛠️ I research, analyze, design, code, manage, test, and iterate. 

I love making products that solve humanity’s problems. I don’t mean ‘beautiful GUI design’, but building real-world solutions. 

💡 Also, I’m a fan of entrepreneurship, marketing, running, reading learning empirically, sharing, and singing. 

❤️ I’m interested in the following industries (usually complex ones but not limited to): health, marketing, AI, automation, big data, industrial design, automotive, aerospace, architecture and construction, software tools. 


🧱 Currently, I learn advanced JavaScript (ES6) and build a product that will automate the UX design processes, repetitive decisions, and apply common behavioral patterns. 


🔥 I truly believe that everything and everyone should bring value to this world. So, I used to discover opportunities, elicit problems, and then solve them effectively. 


🤝 I’m always open to new opportunities, friends, experiments, and knowledge. I love to be useful (that’s my purpose), so don’t pass by and let’s connect – quite possibly I can be helpful now or some other day.